Everybody should have a little bit of knowledge about using a battery charger to use it, just in case. Knowing how to use a battery charger can also save you a lot of time and money as you don’t have to call a mechanic to charge your battery. Before that, let us talk about the main types of car batteries to develop a better understanding of what is happening.

Types of Car Battery

There are many types of car batteries classified by manufacturers. Here we will talk about the main battery types.

Wet Cell Battery

Wet cell batteries are the most generally utilized vehicle battery. Wet cell batteries have a combination of water, sulphuric acid, and lead. Due to which they are also referred to as lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are also significantly cheaper as compare to other batteries and are rechargeable as well. But these batteries require high maintenance from time to time. They are less efficient than today’s average battery and have a shorter lifespan.

Deep-Cycle Battery

A deep-cycle battery or sealed lead acid battery is the same. These batteries are maintenance-free batteries. This type of battery is closed, which makes them different from other acid batteries. These batteries have thicker plates and perform a lot better than the average batteries. These batteries also have good performance for a more extended period. That is the reason many individuals favor these batteries. 

Lithium-Ion Battery(LI-Ion) Battery

Lithium or li-ion battery is also referred to as a dry cell battery because these batteries don’t have electrolyte solutions like wet-cell or deep-cycle batteries. These batteries have become very popular these days. They are principally utilized in crossbreed and electric vehicles. 

Every type of 12 volts car battery has a battery capacity of 48 amp-hour. So 12v battery also means a car battery, don’t get confused in this. 

How to Use a Battery Charger

First of all, make sure that everything in the car is off, including the headlight and interior lights. First, remove the ground cable or negative cable, which is usually black and has a -ve sign. After that, draw the positive line, which has a -ve character. You can also identify the polarity by seeing the symbols on the battery as well. Ensure that you wear defensive gloves to forestall any mishaps. Eliminate that battery from the vehicle. It will have a lot of corrosion on the battery terminal and hooks. Don’t touch your skin if you have a flooded acid battery, as the acid can burn it.  

Now it’s time for little maintenance of the battery. Check the water level. If it is low, only add distilled water to it and make sure not to spill the water as it will have acid. If you have a maintenance-free battery, then there is no need for you to do that. Just check if the terminals are corrupted or damaged. Clean up the cables with an old toothbrush and some soap. Now connect the positive and negative wires again. You should join the wire properly without touching each other. Then plug the battery into the vehicle’s power source. Turn on the ignition switch and wait until the engine starts running smoothly. Once the engine runs fine, turn off the ignition switch. Wait for 5 minutes before disconnecting the battery. Disconnect the battery after waiting for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to put back the ground cable.

How Do You Hook Up a Battery Charger?

How would you Hook up a Battery Charger? Follow these means to connect a battery charger. 


Q1. Can I Use a Battery Charger to Start My Car?

A. No, you can not start your car with the battery charger. It is made to charge the battery by providing a low amount of power that is not enough to start a car with a dead battery or no battery. 

Q2. How Much Does a Battery Charger Cost?

A. A reasonable quality battery charger costs around $50-$100. But they vary depending upon their features like how many amps/volts it provides etc.

Q3. What Should I Look Out for a While to Buy a Battery Charger?

A. Look for one that comes with an instruction manual. Also, look for a warranty card so that you know what kind of guarantee it offers. Some companies offer lifetime warranties, whereas others provide a one-year warranty. The price may differ according to its features.

Q4. Is It Safe to Buy a Cheap Battery Charger Online?

A. Yes, but always go through reviews before purchasing any product. There are some fake products available online. So, never buy anything without reading customer feedback first.

Q5. Do All Batteries Require a Battery Charger?

A. No, most cars come with built-in battery chargers. However, if yours has died, then yes, you’ll need a separate battery charger.