Video Summary

This is a basic manual battery charger and it’s good for most automotive applications. It has a six amp medium charge and a 2 amps low charge or trickle charge function. When it gets down to a hundred percent or fully charged then you have to disconnect the battery. This is a fully automatic battery charger that’s microprocessor controlled and this will do all batteries all sizes all shapes. six volt 12 volts.

it’s also got a boost start capability and a maintainer. It has either a 2 amp trickle charge rate 12 amp regular charge rate and it even has a 75 amp start rate. Optima type batteries the kind of batteries in a Prius as an example a gel cell or a six volt system well this is a standard 12 volt battery. Once the battery is fully charged it will go into a maintainer status and keep it at peak efficiency.

Video: Battery Chargers Expert